Leasing, Renting, and Sales of All Sorts Hinge on Sales Triggers – Are You Using Them?

Sales is a pretty basic business and the most basic level leasing our rental homes is a sales game. In the business much research has been completed by psychologists understanding why a sales occurs. As investors, owners, and manager, we should understand sales triggers basic role in completing the sale.

First, there are really an almost infinite number of sales triggers that motivate people to buy. However, there are a few that are considered the core triggers. Every sales and marketing professional and certainly everyone on your leasing staff should know these. If you are the leasing professional the sooner you have these down the better.

The basic sales triggers are:

People want to make money. Offer a solution that puts money in their pocket and they are much closer to a purchase. Deliver a solution that offers a rebate at the close and you may have the sale.
People want to save money. Provide a purchase that will save them money every day and you are much closer to the sale. Provide a discount and you are one step closer to the sale. Throw in a an energy saver move in package that allows replacing every fixture with energy saving bulbs and you may get the sale.
People want comfort. Appeal to them in a way that makes them feel comfortable and sales are bound to increase. This is why the model unit is so effective.
People want to live longer. Highlight lifestyle factors that contribute to a long life and you are on the right track.
People want to learn. That Internet package may be more valuable than you know. Access to knowledge is powerful.
People want to be more attractive. Include attractive people in your advertising and make them feel like they are a part of a larger group of fit attractive people and they may feel compelled to be part of your community.
People want to save time. Locations that deliver on this promise because of access to shopping, entertainment, employment, schools, and other factors are much easier to lease. Do all you can to emphasize convenience.

After this short list of triggers, there are an almost infinite number of motivators. Certainly, none should be ignored. However, in someway almost all are permutations and variations on this initial list. And, smart marketers and leasing agents who understand this can find many ways to enhance the marketability of the properties they serve.

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Volkswagen Deals – Lease, Rent Or Walk Away

If you’re keen on owning a Volkswagen car, you’ll be glad to know that this German car manufacturer offers Volkswagen deals that lets you own a vehicle easily and may be even painlessly. There are roughly two types of car buyers: new buyers and experienced buyers.

If you fall under the new buyer category, chances are you don’t have a credit history that would qualify you for a car loan. But being a new car buyer is not something you have to worry about, because there are sweet Volkswagen deals just for you.

If you’re employed full-time and are buying for the first time, you can own a new car or a pre-owned vehicle without any credit history or a co-signor to guarantee your car financing. All that Volkswagen requires is that the car you buy should be the first car you’ve ever financed.

If you’re a college student who’s graduating with the next 6 months, or are a college graduate whose gradation was less than two year ago, you can still own a Volkswagen without any credit history. What you need though is proof that you have a full-time job, OR a commitment letter from your future employer. The amount of your down payment depends on whether you lease or buy. If you opt to lease, you don’t have to pay for the first month’s rent, or pay for security deposit.

For regular buyers, you have three options: lease, buy or Driver’s Option.

The good thing about buying is that you own the vehicle, so you won’t be cramped by excess wear charges or mileage restrictions associated with leasing a vehicle. Buying is a simple as making monthly payments for the duration of your car loan, and as soon as the car loan is paid off, the car is all yours. Volkswagen deals for buying come in loan terms of 12 months to 72 months.

The leasing option is typically for people who want to make lower monthly payments for driving a car or want to drive a new Volkswagen every few years. Whatever your reason for leasing, you simply decide how long you want to drive the car, typically from one to four years, then you turn in the vehicle once the lease term is up. On the average, the longer your lease term, the lower your monthly rent payments. At the end of the lease, you can also opt to buy your vehicle.

If you can’t seem to decide whether you want to buy or lease, Volkswagen has a special deal for undecided drivers called the Driver’s Option, which is available in most states in the United States.

With the Driver’s Option, you choose how long you want to drive your vehicle, pay your monthly dues and then you’ve got three options: (a) pay off the balance of the car’s value and keep the car, (b) refinance the balance of the car’s value, or (c) find a car dealer and walk away. The good thing about the Driver’s Option is that you pay lower monthly payments on the average, and there’s no security deposit or acquisition fee required.

Ford Transit Leasing – Renting a Transit

Ford Transit leasing is very popular, especially in Europe, where it has become the most popular light commercial vehicle, with over five million units sold since it was first introduced in 1965. This reliable, versatile vehicle is used for a number of different applications, both commercial and private, and can be modified to suit virtually any occasion. Here, we’ll go over some of the characteristics of the Ford Transit, as well as how leasing or renting one can benefit you as an individual or for your company.

Most of the Transits available on the market come in one of three forms. They are typically panel vans, minibuses, or pickups. A panel van is essentially any van with a chassis based on a family sedan type of car, and yet retaining a larger amount of cargo space than most sedans. This allows the vehicle to provide comfortable seating for up to five people, as well as a greater degree of cargo space. The minibus variety of Ford Transit allows more people to be comfortably transported, making it a great choice for outings, vacations, tours, and events. Pickup trucks swing the Transit the other way, and are designed specially for transporting goods (with a cab seating only a few people). The versatility available in Ford Transit leasing makes it a great choice for any type of occasion.

If you’re considering Ford Transit leasing, consider what purpose you need the van for. The three major options offer a full range of storage and transport options. On one end of the spectrum, if you need to focus on storage for objects and material goods, then the pickup variety of Transit is the best choice. If you need to transport large groups of people, the minibus variety is the solution. If you need a little bit of both, the panel van is a good compromise. The Transit is able to suit your particular needs in order to best serve your purpose.

Ford Transit leasing has become very affordable because of the extreme popularity of these vehicles. They are very common in both private and commercial applications, and there are specialized varieties for particular circumstances. For example, models with refrigerated interiors for transporting perishables are available. The Transit is designed to suit any given need, and they are very affordable cars. Regardless of what you need to move, the Ford Transit is there to help you move it.